Vipergraphics, Bernie Sanders Sticker Pack – Feel the Bern (4 Stickers)

  • Buy 2 or more items from Gift Droid & save 10% at checkout.
  • Premium Grade! High Quality Vinyl Sticker ~ Die-Cut.
  • Made from Thick Vinyl ~ Easy to Apply ~ Matte Laminated Finish.
  • Weatherproof VG Matte Vinyl lamination ~ Won’t scrach off.
  • Made in California by Vipergraphics inc. ~ Design Copyright Vipergraphics inc. 2015.


from Every Bernie Sanders T Shirt Imaginable


Author: Bernie Sanders T Shirt

We have every Bernie Sanders T-Shirt imaginable in our shop! Come Feel the Bern in 2016 and show your support for Bernie, as he makes his run for President of the United States of American in 2016. T shirts, gear, merchandise and more for the Bernie Sanders campaign, all colors, all sizes, for men, women and children. #feelthebern

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